Cardinal shower styles are becoming more and more elegant and sophisticated. From the ordinary design to the outstanding form of the frameless enclosures, Cardinal shower glass options are getting more eye-catching. A key concern to selecting a shower enclosure habitually relates to how it will seem once installed in the bathroom area.

If you are looking to modernize an existing shower room, or simply shifted into a home that is in desperate need of renovation, the selection of shower enclosure should be ideal. Have a look below at some of the Cardinal shower glass options;

  1. Framed Shower Enclosure

The first kind and the most widespread of the three styles is the framed shower enclosure that comes in approximately unlimited varieties of sizes, colors and door styles. They are versatile in design, framed shower enclosures are designed to fold-up, slide open, as well as open outwards. In addition, due to a huge variety of sizes, from small to large, they are capable to fit roughly everywhere even in alcoves and corners. In view of the fact that these enclosures are most common, they are competitively priced. Framed shower enclosure gives a conventional, reliable and long-lasting choice for anyone wishing to modernize a worn-out bathroom.

  1. Frameless Shower Enclosure

In order to give a shower room a contemporary and fresh look, you may desire to look at the choices of the frameless enclosures. Even though frameless enclosures have no door, they are customarily just as resourceful as the framed one. Frameless enclosures of this type are normally secured in place by way of wall brackets. As you would suppose, frameless enclosures of this nature are quite luxurious, so not as frequently featured in a conventional home, however a popular preference of the style-conscious. These are wonderful for those with the resources to spend and looking to produce a truly elegant and up to date bathroom.

  1. Semi-Framed Shower Enclosure

The semi-framed enclosure is the last Cardinal shower glass options if you are unable to meet the expense of a frameless enclosure. In essence, semi-framed enclosure category comes with a frame on all side of the door, except not at the top and floor, which is pretty valuable at giving the look of the frameless design, however, makes the price that much more reasonable.

So, after reading these options you can better choose one suit your needs.