Tips on Buying the Best Guitar Amplifier

A guitar amplifier is a way to convey the musical message to the audience. Choosing an amp depends on the music style, tone and budget. It is always best to start with a small one. There are some important factors you have to consider before buying a guitar amplifier

Combo amp or a head and cabinet?

  • Head and cabinet are individual and heavier while combo is one unit. The choice depends on the venue of your musical programmer or concert.
  • Combos are good for small areas, but when it comes to a giant auditorium, you must need high-powered Head and cabinet are preferable for that purpose.

Solid state or tube?

  • Tube based amplifier is more expensive than the solid state, but still majority of players prefer tube amp.
  • Don’t get confused, trust on your ears in this matter. You can refer Bugera T50 Infinium Review; this will help you for purchasing the best amps for guitar.

Does the size of speaker matter?

  • There are different speaker for different In comparison to larger speaker, the small one produces more sounds.
  • You can also choose between open or close 4×12” cabinet for high rock sound.

The Sound of Power

  • The power amp, preamp and speakers are the cause of distortion. But the power amp distortion is usually overlooked.
  • Check the power amp by turning the master volume way up and down.