Important features of a jogging style stroller you must know!

In order to buy the best baby jogging stroller, you must first need to know important features a modern baby jogging stroller comes with. Here are a few commonly found features you should take into account, which must be the property of a jogging style stroller.

A comfortable ride

In the first place, it has three wheels containing tires filled with air. This indicates that you’re going to have a comfortable ride. Added to this, you have to observe the pressure on a regular basis as you do about your bicycle tires every now and then, but also that you should have a pump to keep them inflated or else they will be going flat.

The recommended pressure

The pressure that is recommended varies from the one displayed on the side of the tire. For proper inflation instructions, it is advisable to visit

Five-point harness

You should try to see the stroller manual twice. Or you can also go to the company’s website to get a guideline on inflation method. When talking about five-point harness, you might have seen the harness in car seats for infants, the same as; the harness will be crossing above the baby’s shoulders, between the legs, and across the hips so as to protect the kid while sitting in the chair and minimize the risk of injury in the event a fall down. That holds a great significance in case of a stroller flip on account of a defective assembly in the front wheel or consumer mistake.

Safety tether

Once you’ve satisfied with five point harness, you need to check out safety tether which is a strap with one end tied around your wrist and the other end affixed to the stroller. As you cannot stress this enough, so you should make use of it. There’s a reason for that. The strap is able to protect your child’s life by preventing the stroller from rolling away from you.