The plans are basically from letter A to L. at any time the variations take place, the purpose is to remove four of the Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2017 that are: E, H, I, and J since they were the same as other plans and simply make bewilderment. In addition, Plan G is going to be modifying so that additional charges are covered completely.

Medicare Advantage

Basically, Medicare advantage is designed to completely replace original Medicare. Medicare advantage is through the private insurance companies just like other Medicare supplement plans and that is the only similar aspect. It is important to mention over here that government subsidizes Medicare advantage program that has helped to keep premium cost low. However, the government is going to cut the subsidies on some plans that are not performing well. Doing this, the premium costs will rise rapidly. Therefore, Medigap is a better plan to have in order to keep premiums low.

It is also wise to determine your cost of a premium over time. There are different Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2017 and such as; attained age policy, community-rated policy, and issue age policy.

  • Attained Age Plans

In an attained age policy, the amount of premium will increase as your age goes up.

  • Issue Age Plans

On the other hand, in an issue age plan, the terms are classified at the age at which you apply. In this policy, the premium will remain the same and will not increase with the growing age.

  • Community Rated Plans

While the third policy is community rated plans in which there is no link of age to determine the premiums. Rather they are stipulated on the basis of your area and health care. They are typically independent of age. So there are some up and downsides with each of Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2017. Select the one that suits you!