Spearmint which is more commonly known as the garden mint and this is from where the spearmint oil is obtained. The essential oil of spearmint is obtained by the steam distillation process of the flowering tops of the garden mint plant. One would be quite surprised to know about the immense benefits of the oil which are discussed as follows.


  • The spearmint oil works as an antiseptic for ulcers and wounds. At the same time, it protects them from being septic or development of other infections.
  • The oil also helps the wounds to heal at a faster rate.


  • This property of spearmint oil comes from the methanol content which provides a cooling and a relaxing effect on the muscles & the nerves.
  • It also provides relief from spasmodic coughs or aches and aches of the intestines or abdomen as well.


  • The oil has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties which make it an extremely effective disinfectant for both internal and external infections.


  • This oil has a cooling effect on the brain and hence is extremely effective in the reduction of stress.
  • It helps to cure headaches.
  • The oil is good for the overall health and protection of the brain.